Human Resources Practices

As a reinsurer set off to be a leader and a global brand, we aim to bring high value and provide sustainable development environments in our human resources processes.

In this context, we shape our processes with effective human resources approaches that create value in the industry and produce positive results, in order to bring in seasoned experts that have a variety of competencies and qualities. Forming an innovative team that create high value in contribution to the future of our industry is a primary goal for us.

We define and implement competency and business value models under which our team members can actualize their talents and potential to the greatest extent. To support our team members in developing their abilities and their careers, we employ just and transparent processes in parallel with our HR practices and pay great importance to fostering employee rights. We set our priorities in our HR practices to have our team members see the Human Resources and Talent Management Department as an ultimate ally and our managers as strategic career partners.

We develop and execute our training and education strategies to support our employees’ areas of expertise. We value reinsurance-based training programmes to raise the much-needed professionals and future managers.  

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